PRM: Pathology Record Manager

PRM: Pathology Record Manager
Complete paper & digital document management that is proven in practice.

Pathology Record Manager

Developed in ‘continuous improvement’ collaboration with a wide variety of NHS Pathology Laboratories, Folding Space Pathology Record Manager (PRM) delivers complete document management support for all pathology processes and works in partnership with any existing LIMS and/or Order Comms.

PRM enables the scanning of all types of forms & paper documents plus the ingestion of digital files all into one system via automated workflows. It includes intelligent barcode recognition and easy application of metadata plus instant search, retrieval & viewing directly over the network and from within an existing LIMS, PAS, EPR, Clinical Portal or similar.

Very intuitive and easy to use with minimal learning curve (an hour or two not days)Users become adept very quickly - so system take up and adoption is fast‘Big Button’ scanning user experience for fast & foolproof scanning operationsIncredibly fast search, find, filter, retrieval & viewing of information Automatically scalable (managing many millions of documents is very common)

PRM is also used in support of UKAS accreditation as it solves core digitisation & document management requirements such as the management of Request Forms & Send Away Reports (generated by third party laboratories) as well as ‘uncontrolled’ documentation such as Bench Logs, Fridge Temperature Logs, Calibration certificates, etc.

PRM customisation, set-up & installation is very ‘plug & play’ (mere days not weeks or months) and very (very) affordable. PDM supports multiple scanning points and user access across laboratories, departments and locations. It is a web browser-based solution so access can be from anywhere across the network or extranet or internet (multi-domain operations are easily possible as well)

PRM: Pathology Record Manager

Complete paper & digital document management for Pathology Laboratories

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