Corporate Credentials

Corporate Credentials
We partner with our customers to ensure fitness for purpose. We deliver better than affordable solutions. We believe that innovative IT can make a difference.

Not all IT companies are the same . .

Folding Space develops extraordinary software and delivers exceptional service. We partner with our customers to ensure fitness for purpose. And we believe in offering better than affordable solutions. Not all IT companies are the same. Some of us make the difference.

We are trusted by blue-chip customers & partners to deliver innovative 'value for money' software solutions using complex, sensitive data in a secure and safe manner

Founded in 1999 and based in the historic Jewellery Quarter in the City of Birmingham, Folding Space has significant IT experience with Central Government, Higher & Further Education, Local Government, the NHS and Parliamentary Institutions as well as wider commercial and industrial expertise.

Our software technology is driven by the User Experience

Our primary interest is in software technology. We are unashamedly scientists and technologists. But we also recognise that great technology works because it is rooted in what the user experiences. So, unusually, we are professionally qualified and deeply interested in the cognitive basis for the ‘user experience’. This derives from extensive and ongoing psychological research, investigation and collaboration in defining the cognitive needs of end users and the optimum manner by which those needs are satisfied on screen.

Our primary focus is on unstructured data

Most of our technology efforts are focussed upon innovation in the discovery, analytics, monitoring & management of documents, files, images and records (unstructured data). But we tend to have a wider scope of interest and work here than others operating in the traditional document or records management marketplace. That’s because our very advanced Research & Development is at the heart of our endeavour. To illustrate; in partnership with Aston and Warwick Universities, we are the lead in a breakthrough R&D project entitled 'CAT' (Content Analytics Toolset) which is generously grant funded by Innovate UK, the UK’s innovation agency. CAT seeks to analyse the contents (unstructured data) of large corpuses of documents and free text streams in databases to generate semantically relevant content topics and themes within context (to find out more, click here).

Software + Service = Solution

As scientists & software technologists it profoundly matters to us that our solutions are 'fit for purpose'. And to ensure we deliver every time, on time and on budget we follow through on every aspect of deploying and maintaining a solution - not just in the development and/or customization or tailoring phases - but in the testing, installation and ongoing support. This is why we associate the word service when delivering our software because then there is a true solution.