ARM: Automated Redaction Manager

Safe, secure & proven document redaction with automated processing

Find, view and delete sensitive content within documents whatever their volume or format. Enables legal, security and privacy compliance by automating the redaction, review and publication process with secure auditing and storage of redacted and unredacted documents.

PRM: Pathology Record Manager

Complete paper & digital document management that is proven in practice

Developed in ‘continuous improvement’ collaboration with NHS Pathology Laboratories, proven in practice and with the most advanced facilities, PRM delivers paper & digital document management with automated workflows for all pathology operations affordably and effectively

EDM: Electronic Document Manager

Managing paper & digital documents simply, safely & affordably

From the scanning of all kinds of paperwork and the ingestion of all types of digital files, EDM delivers advanced, affordable & automated departmental solutions right through to enterprise-wide records, documents & data processing and management.

AEM: Automated Extraction Manager

Analysis, extraction & reporting of data within documents

Uncover the facts, figures, dates, terms, values, labels, descriptors and similar currently hidden within document text. Provides automated identification, analysis & extraction of relevant data from within any volume of documents to drive actions, insight, processes and workflows.

AFR: Automated File Reduction

Dealing with Redundant, Obsolete & Trivial files delivers big cost savings

Find, analyse, report and monitor each and every file, document and record across the organisations network to root out the ROT automatically. Directly solve the cost, misinformation, productivity, security and liability losses caused by ROT.

ATS: Asset Tracking and Storage

Track, monitor, store & retrieve paper documents, files, records & boxes

When you need to identify & track documents and securely store & retrieve them easily irrespective of their location, then ATS will soon put you in control of your physical stores, libraries and warehousing

PDM: Personal Data Manager

Automated find, analysis, view & reporting of Personal Data wherever it exists

The most automated, accurate, practical and secure solution for finding, viewing, monitoring, & reporting upon the existence, occurrence and processing of personal data anywhere across the organisation irrespective of network location, format or storage.