From the scanning of all kinds of paperwork to the ingestion of all types of digital files,

EDM delivers advanced, affordable & automated document management

EDM: Electronic Document Manager

Managing paper & digital documents
simply, safely & affordably

From the scanning of all kinds of paperwork and the ingestion of all types of digital files, EDM delivers advanced, affordable & automated departmental solutions right through to enterprise-wide records, documents & data processing and management.

Folding Space Electronic Document Manager (EDM) provides instant document search, find, filter, view and report plus automated alerting, auditing and monitoring as well as metadata management, text content search, OCR for paper/image recognition, document expiry & version control – everything needed and immediately to hand to enable real data, document & records management not just file & folder administration (e.g. shared drives, file plans) as with others.

EDM significantly improves system performance, increases program flexibility and reduces licensing, programming and maintenance costs. It is simple to install and operate with a significantly better ROI than any alternative.

EDM features

  • Continual monitoring & discovery of new/updated documents
  • Extensive analyses, reporting and results
  • Role-based security and user access management
  • Automated auditing of every interaction with each document/file/record
  • Powerful systems & security administration functionality
  • Business Rules Engine for customer specific alerts, warnings & notifications
  • LDAP/Active Directory & Single Sign-On integration options
  • Swift, easy installation with full support & systems integrity
  • Declare documents as records in immutable form as per NA guidelines
  • Invoke documents/records in context via existing Line of Business systems

EDM benefits

  • Web browser-based user experience is easy, helpful and responsive
  • Document, Record & Scan management customisation to match requirements
  • Metadata generation & text content recognition with OCR option
  • Powerful ‘google-like’ search & advanced find facilities
  • Comprehensive, automated viewing of all documents, files & records
  • Users only view the documents/files/records they are allowed to access
  • Manage document version control, expiry and retention
  • Minimal training, easy deployment and roll-out
  • Modular deployment & installation to best suit each customer
  • Comprehensive customer self-service for system management

EDM is an innovative, modular approach to document & records management. This enables the effective installation of whatever record and/or document management system best suits each customer’s specific needs. At whatever point or level is most appropriate - from single scanner departmental systems right through to enterprise-wide digital document management - there is an affordable, customisable solution.

Document Discovery & Document Management

Uniquely, EDM incorporates ‘document discovery’ which provides the facility to find, filter, retrieve, view, monitor & manage documents in situ across the organisations network - without needing to change any document location (unless you want to). It also means being able to target any file store(s) that may be nominated for or dedicated to document management.

So there is the unique choice between managing documents ‘As-Is’ (wherever they are located across the organisations network) or having a secure file repository dedicated to document management. Indeed, it is equally possible to have both options running in parallel.

Discovery means knowing everything about all your documents - across a department or project or division or enterprise-wide. Whatever documents you want to find, retrieve and view – wherever they are stored, in whatever file format. And having found them all, to monitor them automatically and manage them easily & effectively.

 EDM Discovery is an entirely new approach to solving the key issues regarding document identification, monitoring & management across an organisation. And it takes a different stance from traditional document management systems by focusing on working within ‘what is’ – the existing document universe – rather than requiring the organisation to change everything, replace everything, and trying to make end users do what they don’t want to do.

It is incredibly straightforward to install and operate, the user experience is engaging and very easy, and the operational results and return on investment are demonstrable very quickly.

  • Unique, extensive & automated discovery of files, documents, users across servers, storage, drives, directories, file stores (any network location that stores files)
  • Find, investigate, classify and monitor automatically all documents irrespective of location or file format
  • Automated capture of text content within relevant documents, images and files so they can be searched, analysed and understood
  • Automated OCR (Optical Character Recognition) can be applied to scanned paper so the text content becomes machine readable (i.e. searchable) - the same with image files like TIFF or JPEG or image PDF which commonly derive from previously scanned paperwork
  • User identification of who has access to each document
  • ‘What-Is’ and ‘As-Is’ discovery - no data, documents, files or records transfer unless wanted
  • Target any nominated file store(s) dedicated for document management and securely manage access & usage

 Plus . . .automated alerting, auditing and monitoring, metadata management and document expiry & version control – irrespective of where each document is stored, and whatever the document format - Excel, Image Files (Jpeg, PNG, Tiff, etc) PDF, PowerPoint, Word, etc

PaperLite Digitisation

This is a plug-in option that delivers proven paper scanning, tagging & finding software facilities wherever required within an EDM solution. And with fast, affordable scanning of all kinds of paperwork – alongside the ingestion of existing (and incoming) digital documents – EDM PaperLite delivers automated, digitised document workflow for any or many departments right through to enterprise-wide records, documents & data processing and management.

EDM PaperLite was originally developed for the NHS to provide an innovative and cost-effective software solution for scanning, tagging & finding paper documents faster & easier. It has proved extremely useful and cost saving in difficult real-life situations, particularly through its ability to successfully handle the scanning of a wide variety of paper forms, records and documents - many of which are not necessarily in pristine condition.

 EDM PaperLite incorporates Scan Manager which is a Windows PC based scanning application developed by Folding Space that links to any industry standard twain scanner. Its purpose is to enable authorised users to easily scan paper documents, forms and records (any paperwork of any kind) into digital images, recognise barcodes and capture metadata as appropriate before auto-export into the nominated File Store or EDM Repository.

EDM PaperLite is very simple to install and operate with a significantly better ROI than any alternative, but without sacrificing quality or performance. And it provides an innovative and engaging user experience – the ‘Big Button’ approach to scanning with automated workflow from PC/scanner into the relevant network File Store or EDM Repository is very popular, for example, as is the built-in barcode recognition and standard licensing that allows for an unlimited volume of documents/pages per Scan Manager.

EDM: Electronic Document Manager

Because if you can find & know everything there is to know about all your documents,

You regain control and can better monitor and manage going forward

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