EDM: Electronic Document Manager

EDM: Electronic Document Manager
Managing paper & digital documents simply, safely & affordably

Electronic Document Manager

From the scanning of all kinds of paperwork and the ingestion of all types of digital files, Electronic Document Manager (EDM) delivers advanced, affordable & automated departmental solutions right through to enterprise-wide records, documents & data processing and management.

EDM provides instant document search, find, filter, view and report plus automated alerting, auditing and monitoring as well as paper scanning, metadata management, text content search, OCR for paper/image recognition, document expiry & version control – everything needed and immediately to hand to enable real data, digitisation, document & records management not just file & folder administration (e.g. shared drives, file plans) as with others.

EDM means knowing everything about all your documents - across a department or project or division or enterprise-wide. Whatever documents you want to find, retrieve and view – wherever they are stored, in whatever file format. And having found them all, to monitor them automatically and manage them easily & effectively.

EDM is incredibly straightforward to install and operate, the user experience is engaging and the operational results and return on investment are demonstrable very quickly.

EDM: Electronic Document Manager

Because if you can find & know everything there is to know about all
your documents, you regain control and can better monitor
and manage them going forward

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