AEM: Automated Extraction Manager

AEM: Automated Extraction Manager
Analysis, extraction & reporting of data within documents

Automated Extraction Manager

Uncover the facts, figures, dates, terms, values, labels, descriptors and similar currently hidden within document text. Whatever data items you are interested in finding & capturing, Automated Extraction Manager (AEM) provides automated identification, analysis, reporting and extraction of specific data items (whatever you need to find & know) from within document content (any document, any text content) so you can derive meaningful information to drive actions, insight, processes and workflows.

Extraction is the capture of specific data items within the content of a document. Its objective is to enable the capture of specific information that is needed for another purpose; typically, for metadata capture, data aggregation and/or reporting, process management or workflow triggers, or similar. Essentially, it is all about generating structured data output from unstructured data/content.

Increasingly, certain information exists within document content which, for various reasons, is now required for a separate purpose. The information required may be for reasons of security, governance, risk management, reporting or to guide and inform other processes, workflows or systems.

But whatever the purpose, the critical issue is that the information is locked or hidden somewhere within those documents and is not easily identifiable or available without extensive manual effort. And when the same process needs to be repeated across a batch of documents or many batches, and when some documents may be hundreds perhaps thousands of pages, then manual data search & review, find & extract (on paper or screen) plus transcription becomes a costly nightmare that can seemingly last forever.

With AEM you can find, view and capture relevant data within document content whatever the document volume or format. AEM automates the data identification, extraction, review and output process with secure auditing and highly accurate productivity. And it provides for personalisation per customer ensuring their specific data item are discovered, extracted and output.

From dealing with individual documents to addressing multiple batches or millions of pages, AEM automates the whole tedious and costly process of data extraction. It is the most advanced, productive & affordable answer to data capture within document content that delivers significant time, resource and cost savings.

AEM: Automated Extraction Manager

Secure data capture within document content made productive

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