Automated find, view & deletion of sensitive content within documents

whatever their volume or format to enable safe, secure compliance plus audit & publication

ARM: Automated Redaction Manager

Safe, secure & proven document redaction
with automated processing

Whether for reasons of security, governance, confidentiality, data protection, subject access requests or similar, some documents require redaction of sensitive information. But when there is a batch of documents or many batches, and when some documents may be hundreds perhaps thousands of pages, then manual redaction (on paper or screen) becomes a costly nightmare.

Folding Space Automated Redaction Manager (ARM) is the most advanced, productive & affordable solution that is proven in practice. With ARM you can find, view and delete sensitive content within documents whatever their volume or format. ARM enables legal, security and privacy compliance by automating the redaction, review and publication process with secure auditing and storage of redacted and unredacted documents.

ARM features

  • Process all types of files, documents, records and data sources
  • Output in immutable redacted format (e.g. PDF or redacted data stream)
  • Automated identify/highlight of text to be redacted within content
  • Automated redaction within file/document content, metadata, free text, data sources
  • Secure process monitoring with full audit trail for QA
  • Complete workflow and batch processing management
  • Extensive analyses, reporting and results with full auditing
  • Role based security and user access management as standard
  • Powerful systems & security administration functionality
  • Swift, easy installation with full support and system integrity

ARM benefits

  • Unique, extensive & automated REDACT ontology and taxonomy
  • Incorporates unique set of sensitive data dictionaries
  • Utilises state-of-the-art Content Discovery & Analytics (AI, NLP)
  • Automates find, investigate, classify and monitor of REDACT items
  • Web browser-based user experience is easy, helpful and responsive
  • Minimal training, easy deployment and roll-out
  • Modular deployment & installation to suit individual each customer
  • Personalisation of automation & redaction to suit each customer
  • Replaces tedious, manual redaction with highly efficient automated processes
  • Proven to deliver significant productivity gains and cost savings

Redaction is the deletion of specific text within a document. Its sole purpose is to allow the selective disclosure of information so that it is suitable for publication without revealing any confidential, sensitive or private data contained in the original document.

ARM provides the automated means to process unstructured data relevant for redaction which may be hidden in paperwork, digital documents, files and records, metadata & free text – irrespective of location, format or storage - and automatically redact single or multiple terms simultaneously.

From dealing with individual documents to addressing multiple batches or millions of files, ARM automates the whole process of tedious and costly redaction.

  • Automatically find and remove sensitive text in files, documents, forms, records & data streams
  • Replace tedious, manual redaction with highly efficient automated processes
  • Protect intellectual property, personal information or similar from unintentional disclosure, theft or misuse
  • Satisfy regulatory requirements for privacy and disclosure (e.g. GDPR, FOI, Data Privacy)
  • Make data protection a seamless part of everyday workflows, not a separate process
  • Integrate redaction capability with document content and records management

ARM is available as a stand-alone application or as an extension to other applications of the Folding Space Discovery platform (e.g. Document Management, GDPR Compliance, Subject Access Requests Management).

For background reference

In today’s fraught environment, there is an increased focus on privacy and security but, conversely, a heightened expectation for information ‘transparency’. So the core issue is how to best square this awkward circle within the constraints of a ‘do more with less’ economic imperative?

For any public or private sector or commercial organization responsible for managing documents that contain confidential  or sensitive information, the ‘privacy versus disclosure’ issue has become a double-edged sword - how do you comply with mandates which require you to protect (not disclose) sensitive data, while simultaneously complying with the FOI, GDPR and other data privacy regulations that require you to provide access to documents requested by the public, employees, government officials and similar.

Essentially, all organizations need to balance expanding their data security into content monitoring with the requirement to share specific information both internally and externally. 

And meeting these two goals requires an automated approach to (a) reliably and accurately remove sensitive information from paper and electronic content, and (b) better balance the cost/benefit equation because manual redaction (on paper or screen), document by document, is incredibly expensive in time and resource.

Folding Space Automated Redaction Manager (ARM) provides the complete solution to all the above issues and is the most advanced, productive & affordable solution that is proven in practice.

ARM: Automated Redaction Manager

Secure disclosure of Documents and Data made productive

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