Why 'Folding Space'?

Why 'Folding Space'?
Folding Space Intelligent Automation (IA) technology drives software solutions that are way faster, much cheaper and more efficient than any comparable alternative

We are often asked why we named the company 'Folding Space'

In answer, it comes from a number of sources. In astrophysics, for example, there is the idea of folding space to travel vast distances instantaneously. In his lecture on Space and Time Warps, Stephen Hawking said:

"So the only way to get from one side of the galaxy to the other, in a reasonable time, would seem to be if we could warp space-time so much, that we created a little tube or wormhole. This could connect the two sides of the galaxy, and act as a short cut."

In Science Fiction, Frank Herbert (famed author of the Dune Series) posited that space could be "folded" in order to create a "wormhole" that transports a ship from one distant point in space to the next, within a fraction of time.  

And in structural biology there is also the concept of protein fold space. 

In summary; folding space is about getting from point A to Point Z instantly, without having to step through the rest of the alphabet. And that is what we strive to achieve in our software technology - to facilitate solutions that are way faster, cheaper and more efficient than any alternative. 

Standing on shoulders, following in footsteps... 

A hundred yards or so from our offices is the house that James Watt resided in when he came down from Scotland to collaborate on the first industrial steam engine with Matthew Boulton.

Another hundred yards or so in the opposite direction is St. Paul's Square where the luminaries of the 18th Century Industrial Revolution (and the Lunar Society itself) walked and met. 

As scientists and technologists ourselves, we rather like being located where giants once roamed and hope that in what we do, in some small way, we stand on their shoulders.