Solutions Delivery

Solutions Delivery
Innovative software technologies, applications and programs with world class feature, functionality and performance delivered as a best value product or service

Software As A Product (SAAP) and Software As A Service (SAAS)

We develop software technologies, applications and programs with world class feature, functionality and performance but delivered as a significantly better value proposition than anything comparable. All our solutions are generated from complementary software platforms that we design, build, develop and maintain. And they can be hosted locally at a customer site (on-premise deployment) or provided as a managed hosting service (dedicated or cloud). So we offer 'software as a product' or 'software as a service' as the customer prefers. And we can offer this choice (or any hybrid permutation) as all our software platforms are web services based & ‘cloud-ready’.

Unrivalled cost of purchase and cost of ownership

Our solutions significantly surpass anything comparable on the market. They derive from a singular software technology focus and are demonstrably advantageous both in terms of cost of purchase and cost of ownership. Allied to our service commitment to effective & timely liaison, co-ordination and support, our pedigree is fully justified by the constructive, collaborative experience of our excellent customer references:

  • Applicant & Student Document Records for Universities, HE & FE Colleges
  • Enterprise-wide document discovery for document management
  • Enterprise-wide file discovery for network management
  • Enterprise-wide personal data discovery for GDPR compliance
  • Global document & metadata management of financial & personnel records
  • International Student & Migrant Worker systems to enable compliance with Home Office regulations
  • Medical Document Records for the NHS
  • Paper digitisation & automated workflow requests for Pathology Laboratories
  • Physical Asset Tracking, Logistics & Warehouse/Storage
  • Publishing expenses of Members of Parliamentary Institutions
  • Social Care Document Records for Local Government
  • Plus departmental ‘paper-light’ systems for Accident & Emergency, Estates, Finance, HR, In-Patient & Out-Patients, IT, Marketing & Sales, Procurement and other departments as well as enterprise-wide

Solutions & Delivery Integrity

We are the British authors & developers of all our software so there are no 3rd Party dependencies, royalties or constraints on ensuring for the highest levels of data integrity and resilience whilst offering unrivalled value for money. And our services and solutions are consistently ‘best practice’ delivery:

  • Agile approach to software development & solution delivery
  • Collaborative partner & customer relationships via regular face-to-face meetings, telephone and online communication (e.g. Prince2 RAID conferences for ongoing project management)
  • Each customer benefits from a dedicated instance of our 24x7 Customer Support Portal so together we can track & monitor cases, issues and Q/A progress and agree remedial action as appropriate according to the SLA
  • Industry best practice development, testing, installation and support
  • ITIL and Prince2 accredited practitioners & methodologies
  • ISO 9000 quality assurance and ISO 27001 risk management standards
  • Conformance with all relevant national & international guidelines and standards
  • Highest levels of data integrity & resilience measured by independent penetration, security and performance tests as appropriate to each installation
  • Integral systems and user auditing & reporting
  • Secure user access via industry standard web browsers
  • Plus extensive integration experience with 3rd Party Systems including a complete library of API, Invocation and Rendering Web Services to ensure all manner of interfacing & multi-systems interoperation