ATS: Asset Tracking and Storage

ATS: Asset Tracking and Storage
Track, monitor, store & retrieve paper documents, files, records & boxes

Asset Tracking and Storage

When you need to identify & track physical assets like paper documents, files and records as well as more securely store and retrieve them easily from wherever they are located, then Asset Tracking & Storage (ATS) will soon put you in control of your physical stores, libraries and warehousing.

With ATS, any permutation of warehouse, library and/or store locations (physical and/or virtual) can become barcode 'trackable locations'. Any number of trackable assets can be barcoded & managed (Files, Boxes, etc). Bespoke metadata can be configured. And items tracked around the organisation using a web-based UI or PDA devices, tablets or mobile phones. There is also an optional plug-in to enable ‘end users’ (internal/users or external/customers) to remotely & securely create and track requests online for asset retrieval, new actions (e.g. on demand paper scanning), supply of files and boxes or similar, run reports, manage inventories and order stationery such as flat pack boxes or barcode labels and similar.

Every day across the UK, thousands of users, hundreds of thousands of record boxes & containers - and many more millions of assets, documents & files - are being efficiently and very cost-effectively managed by ATS: Asset Tracking & Storage installations.

From separate department and similar ‘local stores’ managed as ‘standalone’ or in parallel, or automatically assembled into virtual warehouses - right through to single and multiple physical warehouses separately located, ATS provides a unique ‘up’ and ‘down’ scaleable approach that is state-of-the-art and unusually affordable compared to any alternative.

Indeed, there is no software limit to the scalability of ATS and it can extend (on demand) to as many (or as few) warehouses, stores, libraries, assets, boxes, files, documents and users with ease. And it can easily extend to multiple geographic physical locations and virtual assemblies.

ATS is a proven solution with blue-chip references. The software is robust, productive and very user engaging. User access is via any modern web browser and the system can be hosted ‘on-premise’ inside the customer network or via a dedicated hosting or secure cloud service as appropriate.

ATS is remarkably straightforward to configure, install and deploy as well as being very easy to operate and maintain. It is also demonstrably advantageous both in terms of cost of purchase and cost of ownership.

ATS: Asset Tracking and Storage

Physical item identification, registration & integrity across the organisation

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