Asset Management

Find, track & monitor paper documents, files & records irrespective of location

When you need to identify & track physical assets like paper documents, files and records as well as more securely store and retrieve them easily from wherever they are located, then Folding Space asset tracking, document warehousing & storage monitoring will soon put you in control . . .

Asset Management is a proven solution with blue-chip references. The software is robust, productive and in daily use by thousands of users in the UK. User access is achieved via any modern web browser and the system can be hosted ‘on-premise’ in the customer network or via a dedicated hosting or secure cloud service as appropriate.

Compared to traditional alternatives, it is remarkably straightforward to configure, install and deploy as well as being very easy to operate and maintain as our real-life references confirm. It is also demonstrably advantageous both in terms of cost of purchase and cost of ownership. There are two main modules:

RMM  (Requests Management) enables end users of the system (internal/company users or external/customers of the company) to remotely & securely create and track requests online for files and boxes or similar, run reports, manage their own inventories and order stationery such as flat pack boxes or barcode labels.

DWLMS (Document Warehouse & Library Management) enables authorised administrators/users to create any number or permutation of warehouse, library and/or store locations (physical and/or virtual) within hierarchies and generate barcodes for these in order for them to become 'trackable locations' within the system. DWLMS users are then able to create any number of trackable assets such as Files or Boxes or similar, generate barcodes and bespoke metadata configurations, and track these items around the organisation using a web-based UI or PDA devices, tablets or mobile phones.                                                                 

  • Administrative reporting including performance, capacity management and retention
  • All barcode reader devices supported, including PDAs and wireless tablets
  • Audit every interaction with a record, including digital signatures
  • Configurable Record retention policies, including notifications and destructions
  • Demonstrate 'duty of care' & 'chain of custody'
  • In-built invoicing & statements module for managing rates and terms
  • Integrated Request Management Module including reporting & inventory management
  • Secure document and record access with Active Directory integration
  • Track all physical assets in physical or virtual locations
  • Workflow management for storage, returns, withdrawals, scanning, destruction & QA
Asset Management

Physical item identification, registration & integrity across the organisation

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