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Creating new software technologies from investigation and innovation

R&D is at the heart of our endeavour. In partnership with Aston and Warwick Universities, we are the lead in a breakthrough R&D project entitled 'CAT' (Content Analytics Toolset) which is generously grant funded by Innovate UK, the UK’s innovation agency. CAT seeks to analyse the contents (unstructured data) of large corpuses of documents and free text streams in databases to generate semantically relevant content topics and themes within context.

Over the years, our R&D has led to innovative software technology platforms including industry breakthroughs such as the Single Unified View (SUV) and a metadata-driven document/record management architecture (a world first). Our historic commitment to very advanced R&D continues today, particularly in the field of Content Analytics.

In partnership with two leading Universities renowned for their technology oriented science – Aston and Warwick – we are exploring beyond state-of-the-art semantic and cognitive analysis and programmatic interpretation of document and record content to a degree not currently available.

The continuing CAT project seeks to analyse the contents (unstructured data) of large corpuses of documents, documentary records and free text streams to generate semantically relevant content topics and themes within context. It combines world class expertise in artificial intelligence, machine learning, neural networks, statistical modelling & text mining, probabilistic mathematics & natural language processing, data exploration, cognitive design, document management & paper digitisation, plus new approaches to very advanced OCR with programmatic metadata capture, extraction and redaction.

CAT has twice received generous grant support from Innovate UK, the UKs innovation agency (previously ‘Technology Strategy Board’). The focus of the first award was – ‘CAT/1: Big Data: Digitisation, Semantic Analysis, Topic Modelling, Visualisation and Exploration’ – whilst he second was – ‘CAT/2: Big Data Content Analytics with particular reference to Probabilistic Neural Topic Models'.

Most recently, in 2019, Folding Space was further awarded KTP grant support (Knowledge Transfer Partnership) in association with Aston University. The research focus here is – ‘To evaluate technologies and pioneer new developments in the field of Big Data Text Indexing of very large, unstructured data corpus. This will address the pressing need across public and private sectors for comprehensive knowledge management solutions’.

These successive, significant awards are continuing substantiation of the 'thought leader' position of Folding Space in its chosen field of unstructured data discovery and management.

Research & Development

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