Major upgrade to our successful Pathology Finder application

NEW! Pathology Manager delivers big costs savings

Proven in practice with NHS Pathology Laboratories, Pathology Manager delivers complete document management support for all pathology processes and works in partnership with any existing LIMS, PAS or Order Comms systems.

It enables the scanning of all types of request forms & paper documents plus the ingestion of digital files as well as intelligent barcode recognition and easy application of metadata plus instant search, retrieval & viewing directly over the network and from within an existing LIMS or PAS.

So whatever the incoming paperwork or digital documents, Pathology Manager provides a Single Unified View of everything in one screen. And with instant searching, filtering, finding and reporting plus automated alerting, auditing and monitoring, Pathology Manager is a real breakthrough in both performance and price.

Discover how we can help a Pathology Department save costs and storage space (e.g. no limit to the number or volume of scans or documents, and no limit on the number of users) - how Pathology Manager is simple to use with minimal training & fast adoption - and how we can make IT happen without fuss or bother.

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Applicant Manager

Document Management for Admissions plus Tier 4 UKBA compliance

In collaboration with the University of Sheffield, Folding Space has developed Applicant Manager to deliver complete document management support for the whole Admissions process - from enquiry through application into registration/enrolment.

Uniquely, all documents - scanned paper, digitally generated (e.g. Word), emails, data reports, etc - are seen together via a Single Unified View (simultaneous viewing whatever their file type). 

And with instant searching, filtering and reporting plus automated alerting, auditing and monitoring, full Tier 4 compliance for UKBA is ensured.

Applicant Manager works in partnership with existing University websites and in support of any Student (Data) Records system. It is 'plug & play' and very (very) affordable.

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ERDMS and the SUV

Our innovative approach to Electronic Record & Document Management (ERDMS) is a refreshing modular alternative to the 'one size fits all' monolithic offerings from traditional EDM suppliers. Because our objective is to significantly improve system operating speeds and the user experience, increase program flexibility and dramatically reduce licensing, programming and maintenance costs

The Single Unified View (SUV) is a critical difference too. Because it means you can see all the documents relating to a Record on one screen, all together, simultaneously, irrespective of their file format. So a Word document displays alongside a scanned paper document, a diagram displays alongside a letter, an email alongside a report, and so on. This means there's no more having to open a PDF with Acrobat, or a Word doc using Word, or a scanned image using an Image Viewer. Every document viewed together in one screen - a Single Unified View - and a complete picture of every Record (e.g. for a Client, Customer, Patient, Pupil, Student, Supplier or similar).

And with instant searching, filtering and reporting plus automated alerting, auditing and monitoring not to mention document expiry & version control, the Folding Space approach to ERDMS is a real breakthrough in both performance and price.

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