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In association with Kodak Alaris, Folding Space announces the release of PaperSafe which is the first application of the new GDPR Discovery software platform. 

PaperSafe solves a fundamental issue of GDPR by providing the means of personal data discovery within digitised paper documents.

GDPR Discovery provides the automated means to investigate, scope, discover, classify, present, report and continually monitor any documentation located anywhere in the organisation that contains Personal Data and their corresponding Data Subjects and which, therefore, comes under the new GDPR processing regulations.

The GDPR Discovery platform comprises a choice of three complementary product solutions each aligned with the three core aspects to GDPR discovery within documents, files and records (i.e. 'unstructured data').


With GDPR, no organisation can now avoid the issue of digitising their paper; particularly paper that may contain GDPR 'personal data'. And having scanned it, the organisation needs to discover the exact existence (or not) of 'Personal Data' and their 'Data Subjects' across and within all the scanned documents so the organisation can take the first step towards GDPR compliance.  And this needs to be a constant process of paper scanning, processing and reporting for PID.


Exactly the same issue exists for any document images (typically, previously scanned paper now in digital files like TIFFs, JPEGs, PNGs, non-searchable PDFs). 


And it is also the case with all digital documents (like Word, Excel, searchable PDF, etc) that might also contain Personal Data. 

The GDPR Discovery platform is an innovative solution that is the most automated, easy to use, economical and robust approach to GDPR processing of documents, files and records. It is as simple as paper scanning and will save significant time and money in becoming paper, image and digitalsafewith the new GDPR. And thus avoid the very serious financial and reputational risks involved in non-compliance.


Folding Space and IIZUKA partner to work on FCO project 

When the Foreign and Commonwealth Office (FCO) wanted to implement a new online legalisation service, IIZUKA were commissioned to provide the cloud-based case management software. 

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The legalisation team provide verification of official documents, such as marriage and birth certificates. This applies a signature, seal or stamp from a public official to confirm the document is genuine. They need to make sure, therefore, that they have a secure system for storing, searching and verifying thousands of official signatures - which is where Folding Space came in. 

Folding Space provide a range of document storage and records management services and, like IIZUKA, have a track record of successful project delivery for clients in Central and Local government. 

The partners integrated their software, so that Case Manager provided the appropriate level of document verification security to allow the FCO to authorise signatures and apply seals through an online portal, making the process of legalising documents quicker and simpler, while ensuring all documentation remained secure.

 While this was a niche solution for one client, the ease of integration and the complementary nature of the products have encouraged the companies to work together in the future, providing secure authorisation and record management services to clients across the public and private sectors. 

With customers demanding the ability to do more and more online, including the management of secure and sensitive processes, this new partnership will bring a valuable service to market.


The Crown Commercial Service (CCS) has awarded Folding Space a place on the G-Cloud 9 Framework Agreement.

This is for the supply of our DWLMS/RMM (Document Warehouse & Library Management with Requests Management Module click here for more) and our ERDMS/SUV (Electronic Records & Document Management with Single Unified View click here for more)


CCS has brought together Government's central commercial capability into a single organisation, amalgamating Government Procurement Service with other commercial teams from the Cabinet Office and central government departments.

CCS is an executive agency of the Cabinet Office and operates as a trading fund under the Government Trading Funds Act 1973. Their remit is to work with both departments and organisations across the whole of the public sector to ensure maximum value is extracted from every commercial relationship and improve the quality of service delivery.

The CCS goal is to become the "go-to" place for expert commercial and procurement services. CCS has brought together policy, advice and direct buying to ensure that policy development is closely linked to implementation, with more emphasis on pre- and post-contract activity to extract more value for the taxpayer.

With both service delivery and advisory capability, services include contract management and supplier performance management to ensure that the Government acts as a true, single customer; freeing up individual organisations to focus their procurement expertise on what is unique to them. CCS also works closely with arm's length bodies, non-departmental public bodies, executive agencies and organisations across the whole of the UK public sector including health, local government, education, devolved administrations, emergency services and not for profit organisations.

There are a number of ways to access CCS services: self service via the website; assisted delivery, such as

eAuctions and national further competitions run on behalf of multiple customers; and a fully managed service for departments.

CCS's value for money, commercial solutions are fully EU compliant saving customers time and money across core commodity areas including energy, travel, fleet, office solutions, communications services, print, professional services, ICT, eCommerce, construction, research, facilities management and property.