People Finder

Telephone, Email and Contacts Management across the organisation

For instant access to contact information of everyone in an organisation - incorporating automated updating and administration of their details ensuring comprehensive accuracy and relevance

People Finder is a very elegant web application that instantly provides an online search service across an organisation that replaces the need for telephone directories, email and address lists, and similar.

In one incredibly easy to use screen, typically accessed from an organisation's intranet (though it can be invoked from any system), users across the organisation can instantly find & access contact details of any other employee. 

Equally, each employee can check & update their profile online (name, title, department, telephone, email, address, etc) thus enabling automatic updating of centrally stored details. And if a user has not confirmed their details in a certain timeframe, then People Finder will politely remind them that they need to do so.

Finding the Right People?

At first glance, being able to instantly find the telephone or email address of a colleague, or having access to their full contact details (job title, department, location, etc) may appear a common-sense idea and very straightforward. After all, the idea of a listings directory is not exactly new.

But in real-life, having to maintain even the most basic contact details and directories across an organisation of hundreds or thousands (or more) of staff is actually a headache for everyone involved. Typically, any directory is out of date once it has been published.

For the IT department, building & publishing contact directories is hardly a very glamorous application, however fundamental. Frankly, it is difficult enough keeping the network going and enabling new staff to join the network (not to mention monitoring Active Directory operations) without having to consider chasing staff to check whether their details are up to date.

Personnel, Payroll and Pensions departments might be expected to maintain such contact data but, again, in real-life this is rarely completely accurate or up to date, or is fully maintained & monitored regularly, and is often locked away inside data stores only accessible by those working within those departments. And where there are separate systems between Personnel, Payroll & Pensions, whatever contact details are held rarely match.

In the Public Sector there is an oft cited phenomenon - no one actually knows (centrally) exactly who is where doing what (departments know and HR but not many outside). And changes in personnel, department, location, etc with corresponding changes in telephone number, email address, job title, etc are commonly not collected (or even known) in anything like a timely manner.

Basically, it's all a chore which doesn't get done but which then is a daily hassle for everyone.

Instant online access to accurate contact information

People Finder changes all this overnight. Suddenly, anyone & everyone's contact details can be accessed online via a simple search. And those details are completely accurate and up-to-date. Then everyone can find and contact anyone in an organisation at will and without any hassle. Find them, phone them, email them in an instant. Find whoever the contact is, wherever they are located, anywhere across the organisation.

People Finder puts everyone in touch with anyone across the organisation instantly - by name, phone, email contact details - at the click of a button. It solves all the contact issues for everyone, however many there are across the organisation.