Pathology Laboratories

Complete document management for all Pathology departments

A proven scanning, barcode recognition and metadata tagging system for all paper forms used across a Pathology Laboratory with automated workflows, instant retrieval & viewing from a web browser and via integration with any existing Pathology LIMS plus additional options for incorporating all other paper and digitally generated documents used in Pathology.

Developed in collaboration with a variety of NHS Pathology Laboratories, we deliver complete document management support for the whole pathology process. This enables the scanning of pathology request forms & paper documents and the ingestion of digital files all into one system via automated workflows. This includes intelligent barcode recognition and the easy application of metadata plus instant search, retrieval & viewing directly over the network and from within an existing LIMS or PAS.

It is all 'plug & play' (mere days not weeks or months) and very (very) affordable.

Uniquely, all documents - scanned paper, digitally generated (e.g. Word), emails, data reports, etc - are seen together via a Single Unified View (simultaneous viewing whatever their file type). And with instant searching, filtering and reporting plus automated alerting, auditing and monitoring, full document management across all pathology activities is ensured.

It can also work in partnership with existing LIMS (Laboratory Information Management System), PAS (Patient Administration System), EPR or Clinical Portal in support of all the pathology processes.

Our solution can operate across all Pathology departments irrespective of their location - one building, multiple buildings, multiple geographies - even across different Trust Domains.

  • Scanning of Pathology Request Forms
  • Barcode recognition with verification & operator editing
  • Automatic tagging of the Laboratory Number (from Barcode) to the scanned Request Form image(s)
  • Automatic routing of the tagged scans across the network to Document Repository
  • Single Unified View (SUV) for display of all scanned Request Forms
  • Optional integration with LIMS (e.g. Clinisys Masterlab, Clinisys WinPath, StarLIMS, Telepath, etc) or PAS, EPR, Clinical Portal or similar
  • Across network(s) search & retrieval via Laboratory Number from web browser based search portal and (optionally) from within an existing LIMS, PAS, EPR, Clinical Portal, etc

Additionally . . .

  • Easily extends to scan any other paper/printed matter and to upload any other digital documents relevant to the Request Form / Laboratory Number (e.g. Referral Letters, Correspondence with GPs/Clinics/Hospitals, Results Reports and similar relating to the request)
  • Easy application of any chosen metadata to the scanned/digital documents, then search & retrieval by any of that metadata (Patient Details, GP Details, Document Type, etc) as well as via the Barcode / Laboratory Number
  • Single Unified View (SUV) for simultaneous display of all documents (scanned and digitally generated) in one screen
  • Across network(s) search & retrieval via Laboratory Number (and any other metadata) from web browser based search screen and from within an existing LIMS or PAS
  • Can also extend to add any other scanned or digitally generated files/documents (e.g. scanned documents, Acrobat PDF files, Microsoft Excel, PowerPoint, Word documents and so on) relating to the Pathology Department itself rather than just Request Forms & directly associated materials
  • Enables application of any chosen metadata to the digital documents, then search & retrieval by any of that metadata (Supplier Contracts, Maintenance Records, Correspondence, Reports, etc) with one screen viewing via the SUV (Single Unified View)