Higher & Further Education

Records & document management for the Applicant/Admissions process

Developed in collaboration with the University of Sheffield and now well proven in practice, we deliver complete document management support for the whole Admissions process - from enquiry through application into pre-registration then registration & enrolment.

Uniquely, all documents - scanned paper, digitally generated (e.g. Word), emails, data reports, etc - are seen together via a Single Unified View (simultaneous viewing whatever their file type).

And with instant searching, filtering and reporting plus automated alerting, auditing and monitoring, full Tier 4 compliance (International Students) for the Home Office is also ensured.

Our document management solution works in partnership with existing University websites (e.g. uploading of applicant documentation, pre-registration) and in support of any CRM or Student (Data) Records system.

It is all 'plug & play' and very (very) affordable.

Imagine being able to -

  • Instantly access and view all documents relating to an Applicant in one screen via a simple 'google-like' search
  • See any particular document in situ through your existing Student (Data) Records system
  • View documents across all Applicants in one screen simultaneously (everyone's passport or visa or sponsor letter, for example)
  • Verify & validate documents with full audit trail
  • And easily upload scanned & digital documents at any time (e.g. during registration/enrolment events)

Then imagine -

  • Being automatically alerted to any missing documents for an Applicant or where a specific document is coming up for renewal (e.g. visa expiry) + setting any other alert rules you find useful, including emails to Applicants
  • And that everything that needs monitoring and auditing for Tier 4 compliance is in place, at your fingertips and available via a Single Unified View

Our solution makes all this (and more) an instant, easy reality. It simply plugs into your existing website to collect uploaded documents and enables linking from your existing Student (Data) Records or CRM so you can see any document or collection of documents in situ. And you can also directly access and view all Applicant data & documents as well from anywhere across your network.

This is a sophisticated web application accessed from your PC/Laptop via any standard web browser like Internet Explorer or Mozilla Firefox, or via a Tablet device like the Apple iPad. So you can work away from the office too.

Developed in close collaboration with the University of Sheffield, we provide document management support for the entire Application & Admissions process. And it is true document management not just file management as with other systems.

The Single Unified View is a critical difference too. Because it means you can see all the documents relating to an Applicant on one screen, all together, simultaneously, irrespective of their file format.

So a Word document displays alongside a scanned paper document, a diagram displays alongside a report, and so on. This means there's no more having to open a PDF with Acrobat, or a Word doc using Word, or a scanned image using an Image Viewer. 

Every document viewed together in one screen - a Single Unified View - and a complete documentation picture of every Applicant.

  • Instant retrieval & viewing of Applicant data and documents with extensive search, filter & reporting
  • Single Unified View so all documents can be seen together on one screen (avoids opening each document separately as with all other systems)
  • Easy upload scanned & digital documents at any time (e.g. for registration/enrolment events)    Automated alerting & reporting - timely notification of missing or expiring information and similar  
  • Active and proactive support for Tier 4 compliance and similar audit & governance requirements
  • Automatically generated Audit Trail of all actions by each user
  • Plug & Play partnership with existing University websites and any Student (Data) Records system
  • Significantly more affordable than any alternative