GDPR Discovery

How to become PaperSafe, ImageSafe and DigitalSafe 

GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation) is a massive new EU update to UK Data Protection Law. Now every private and public organisation needs to review their personal data & document situation and then ensure they have the processes and technical support for GDPR compliance. 

Our GDPR Discovery software platform addresses all the issues and provides a powerful answer to all the questions surrounding GDPR and the discovery of personal data and data subjects. 

GDPR Discovery provides the automated means to investigate, scope, discover, classify, present, report and continually monitor any documentation located anywhere in the organisation that contains Personal Data and their Data Subjects and which, therefore, comes under the GDPR processing regulations. 

The GDPR Discovery platform comprises a choice of three complementary product solutions each aligned with the three core aspects to Personal Data and Data Subject discovery. 


With GDPR you cannot now avoid digitising your paper, particularly paper that may contain Personal Identifier Data (PID). Having scanned it, you then need to discover the exact existence (or not) of 'PID' and their 'Data Subjects' (EU citizens) across and within all the scanned documents so you can take the first step towards GDPR compliance. And this needs to be a constant process of paper scanning, processing and reporting for PID. 


Exactly the same issue exists for any document images - typically, previously scanned paper now in digital files like TIFFs, JPEGs, PNGs, non-searchable PDFs.)


And it is also the case with all your digital documents (like Word, Excel, searchable PDF, etc) that might also contain Personal Identifiable Data. 

PaperSafe, ImageSafe and DigitalSafe provide the most automated, complementary, easy to use and robust approach to GDPR Discovery. They will save you significant time and money in becoming safe with the new GDPR. And you'll avoid the very serious financial and reputational risks involved in non-compliance.