Folding Space has significant Public Sector experience with Central Government, Higher & Further Education, Local Government, the NHS and Parliamentary Institutions as well as wider commercial and industrial experience.

We deliver solutions for data & content management, document & records management, plus digitisation, search and retrieval technologies to facilitate instant access to information, particularly when it is embedded within unstructured data (i.e. files and documents).

Here is a summary of software solutions that we have successfully delivered:

Central & Local Government
Various 'paper-light' departmental systems for Adult Care, Child Care, Physical Disabilities, Occupational Therapy and HR, plus innovative interfaces for case management systems to access documents) as well as physical asset management. Also, integration with Case Management to enable highly secure, global access to key documents via the Government 'G Cloud', global document & metadata management of accounting records, records management for compensation schemes and probate matters,  enterprise-wide document search & retrieval.

Healthcare and the NHS
Software solutions portfolio ranging from high volume document management for Medical Records and Pathology Laboratories to the management of Referral Letters and integration with clinical patient portals (EPR and PAS) plus document management for various services and departments like Accident & Emergency, Estates, HR and Finance. Plus a new approach to solving the tedious issue of maintaining telephone, email and contact directories across thousands of staff by automating their generation, updating and instant online access alongside auto-maintenance of their computer user passwords.

Higher & Further Education
Document management for student/applicant registration & enrolment, research publications and student coursework. And a breakthrough approach to enterprise-wide data & document management incorporating the first Student eFile (all documents from across the organisation relating to each student).

Industry & Commerce
Pioneering use of mobile devices for data capture, task & management with offline/online synchronisation to server-side operations via web services. Various departmental 'paper-light' document management systems and large-scale document & records management.as well as enterprise-wide, wide data charting & visualisation in real-time.

Logistics & Warehousing
Web-based, database controlled warehouse, library & store management for physical assets such as document records

Parliamentary Institutions
Members expenses data unification, management & publication systems (incorporating online public search & retrieval of member's expenses & allowances)

In summary; Folding Space is trusted by many blue-chip customers & partners to deliver innovative 'value for money' software solutions using complex, sensitive data in a secure and safe manner, and where confidentiality is a critical issue:

  • Medical Document Records for the NHS
  • Applicant & Student Document Records for Universities, HE & FE Colleges
  • International Student & Migrant Worker systems to enable compliance with Home Office  regulations
  • Publishing expenses of Members of Parliamentary Institutions
  • Administering requests for tests + paper-light operations in Pathology Laboratories
  • Global document & metadata management of financial & personnel paperwork
  • Enterprise-wide MS Active Directory auto-management incorporating Telephone, Email and Employee directories
  • Enterprise wide real-time data charting & visualisation
  • Plus many & various 'paper-light' systems for Finance, HR, IT, Marketing & Sales, Procurement, and other departments