Software Platforms

Complementary software technologies that enable specific solutions delivery

Folding Space develops software technologies, applications and programs with world class features, functionality and performance but delivered as a significantly better value proposition than anything comparable. This is because, unusually, all our solutions are generated from complementary software platforms that we have designed, built, develop and maintain.

All our software platforms and their applications can be hosted locally at a customer site (in-house deployment) or provided as a managed hosting (dedicated or cloud) service. Effectively, we offer a choice of 'software as a product' or 'software as a service' as the customer prefers. And we can offer this choice (or any hybrid permutation) as all our software platforms are web services based and 'cloud ready'.


Electronic Records, Documents & Data Management with Single Unified View

A comprehensive and modular software platform for securely managing records, documents & data incorporating a unique user experience called SUV (Single Unified View). So every file, document and data output - whether it was originally scanned, digitally created, an email and its attachments, or report/results output from any database system or similar - can be viewed together simultaneously in one screen.

All documents and data relating to an 'entity' (e.g. an Applicant, Case, Client, Employee, Patient, Project, Pupil, Student, Supplier, etc) are automatically held as a complete 'holistic' electronic Record. These 'records can then be viewed, augmented, printed & exported as necessary by multiple users concurrently.

Business rules, system warnings & notifications can also be configured against the documents held in these records (e.g. expiry management, version control).

As well as finding & viewing documents within a 'record', documents can be viewed individually across records ("show me all documents of Type X"). Source documents are also available for reference and updating within their original format (content management).

Essentially, the ERDMS/SUV provides for record management - the declaration of documents into an immutable format within a defined 'entity' record. Simultaneously, it provides for full document management- version control, expiry management, check-in/check-out lock down for document updating, etc - along with the ability to search, filter, find & retrieve across all records & documents. And all records and documents can be seen on screen via the same Single Unified View.

The ERDMS/SUV platform supports complete document & record management in compliance with all national standards & guidelines. And the systems administration tools provide an extensive 'self-service' capability to the customer to enable the configuration of system rules, system policies and security permissions.

All forms of record and document management solutions can be generated from the ERDMS/SUV platform - from enterprise-wide EDM to departmental systems and vertical market solutions - all via the assignment of metadata (classifications, categories & descriptive labelling) relevant to the specific requirements of the customer.

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Document Warehouse & Library Management with Requests Management Module

A complete software platform for physical record, box and file storage management, retrieval, scanning, electronic document presentation and destruction. Indeed, DWLMS/RMM is designed for the effective tracking of any physical asset across the organisation and over different locations.

DWLMS(Document Warehouse & Library Management)enables authorised administrators/users to create any number of locations - warehouses, libraries, stores, offices and similar - to generate barcodes so they become 'trackable locations'.

Users can then track any number or variety of physical assets, attach barcodes and have bespoke metadata schema to track these items around the organisation using a web-based UI or PDA devices, tablets or mobile phones.

For supporting operatives (e.g. warehouse, library, stores. office staff) with online access, we support any Barcode Reader or PDA device in various modes - wireless real-time with ruggedized PDA, offline working with periodic synching using synch software - and real-time working from any mobile or tablet device with barcode reader connected by wire or Bluetooth.

Different retention policies, workflows and SLAs can be configured for any number of categories of asset and processes for storage, retrieval, and preparation. Paper scanning, QA and destruction can be defined and managed, for example, in compliance with numerous standards such as BIP 10008.

RMM(Requests Management Module) provides the facility for 'customers' of the system (internal/company users and/or external/customers of the company) to remotely & securely (intranet, extranet, internet) create and track requests online for any asset (like files and boxes), run reports, manage their own inventories and order stationery such as flat pack boxes or barcode labels.

DWLMS/RMM is a proven approach with blue-chip references. The software is robust, used by thousands of users in the UK. User access is achieved via any modern web browser or via Citrix or VPN.

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Dashboards, Charting & Visualisation

DCV is an innovative software platform that provides instant, real-time data analyses & presentation. It is a powerful reporting tool - enterprise-wide, departmental or Line of Business specific - that allows companies and organisations to gain a better understanding of their operations & performance by presenting critical information to those that need it.

Essentially, wherever there is numeric data to chart and visualize, the DCV enables easy, instant reporting across the organisation with sophisticated user permissions & security defining what they can or cannot see (multi-level reporting).

The DCV is securely delivered as a web service over an intranet, extranet or the internet to all authorised users. And it provides a rich user experience from within any standard web browser. Data can be presented from a variety of data sources via direct query - the DCV does not require a data warehouse although these can, of course, be supported.

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Single Unified View

The SUV software platform supports the Folding Space mission to develop and deliver innovative software technology solutions that provide a Single Unified View of the relevant record, document and data corpus as appropriate to the customer solution. And these record/document/ data corpuses can be enterprise-wide or at any department, division or application level that the organisation requires.

Each SUV offering - as incorporated in the complementary ERDMS, DWLMS and DCV platforms described above - provides a rich user experience deriving from cognitive psychological research & analysis leading to user friendly optimised interfaces that incorporate informative 3D and animated effects. Essentially, the SUV enables 'one screen' access to all the records, documents and data relevant to a specific application and is a truly innovative and user engaging approach.

The SUV provides a powerful means to manage structured and unstructured data into information fast and to present relevance quickly (i.e. knowledge management). The user experience, therefore, is not just about offering attractive and easy to use interfaces - it is about the fundamental need to present relevance in context.

All SUV applications are web services based to enable easy deployment, minimal local footprint via the browser, and central system management.

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