Tired of using different programs to view separate documents? Frustrated by searching for but not finding what you need to see? Want a single, unified solution that doesn't waste your time, effort or money?

If you don't want to constantly open & close different programs to view individual documents. But do want to see all your documents simultaneously on one screen. And need to view your records together, find them fast and deal with them quickly. Then the Folding Space Single Unified View  is a liberating and unique solution.

Single Unified View

The Folding Space mission is to develop and deliver innovative software technology solutions that provide a Single Unified View of the relevant data and/or document corpus. And these data/document corpuses can be enterprise-wide or at any department, division or application level that the organisation requires.

Allied to this, each SUV offering - like the complementary ERDMS, DWLMS and DCV platforms described in this website - provides a rich user experience deriving from cognitive psychological research & analysis leading to user friendly optimised interfaces that incorporate informative 3D and animated effects.

The SUV objective is to provide a better means to manage structured and unstructured data into information fast and to present relevance quickly (i.e. knowledge management). The user experience, therefore, is not just about offering attractive and easy to use interfaces - it is about the fundamental need to present relevance in context.

All SUV applications are web services based to enable easy deployment, minimal local footprint via the browser, and central system management.

An excellent illustration of the SUV approach is with our ERDMS (Electronic Records, Documents & Data Management) software technology platform.

Single Unified View for Records and Documents

Every ERDMS software solution that we deliver provides a Single Unified View of data, documents, files & records as appropriate for the customer.

So every document - whether it was originally scanned, digitally created, an email and its attachments, or report/results output from any data system or similar - can be viewed together in one screen. So a Word document displays alongside a scanned paper document, a diagram displays alongside a letter, an email alongside a report, and so on.

And that means the user avoids the repetition of opening and closing documents with their native program - opening & closing a PDF with Acrobat, then opening & closing a Word doc using MS Word, or the open & close of a scanned image using an Image Viewer.

Our Single Unified View is a critical differentiator (USP) in the marketplace.

Because it means you can see all the documents on one screen, simultaneously, irrespective of their file format. Each & every very document viewed together in one screen - a Single Unified View - presenting a complete picture of every Record (e.g. all the documents relating to a Case, Client, Customer, Patient, Project, Pupil, Student, Supplier or similar).

In providing a single view of all records/documents and their content as well as associated data, the SUV is both demonstrable and instantly appealing to all users - the use of 3D and 2D display of scanned records and digital documentation for 'image/page turning/flipping' for instance, and the dynamic user control of thumbnails and zoom functions, not to mention image/page tagging for virtual file creation, highlighting within an image to extract portions of text and create virtual image/pages 'on the fly', and so on. All of which makes the SUV easy to use and very user engaging.

  • Choice of user interfaces to best suit each user's visual preferences
  • User driven ability to personalise the interface so that each individual accessing the system is able to view Record information according to their own preferences
  • Multiple Annotation, Comment and Highlighting features (viz. adding notes which then become searchable)
  • Ability to bookmark (select/tag) specific pages and assemble them automatically into a virtual document (a Bookmark Group)
  • Ability to identify and extract any content from within a page (or an entire page) and have these extracts automatically copied into a virtual page (an Extractions Group)
  • Filtering of information across the Record by any metadata criteria
  • What's New presents everything that has been added to the Record since the last time the User looked at it
  • History presents all previous access by the User to the Record, automatically displaying what the User viewed during each previous access

SUV in the ERDMS

The SUV (Single Unified View) within our ERDMS (Electronic Records, Documents & Data Management) is for simultaneous viewing and annotating records, files & documents in one screen. It provides a unique, single screen interface for viewing documents, files and records together irrespective of their original format or program source - all documents in a record viewed together, compare documents across a record, instant filter to find & view,instant timelines & metadata filters. Here are some real-life examples


  • Employee eFile
  • Legal Matter eFile
  • Patient eFile
  • Student eFile


  • A&E Finder
  • Applicant Finder
  • Care Finder
  • Research Finder
  • Invoice Finder
  • Pathology Finder
  • Personnel Finder


  • Adult Care Record
  • Asset Maintenance
  • Child Special Care Record
  • Claims Processing
  • Complaints Management
  • Cost Effective Compliance
  • FoI request management
  • Invoice Processing
  • Supplier Management
  • Mortgage Documentation Management
  • Proof of Delivery
  • Sales Management
  • Software Licence Management