Drowning in paper? Submerged in a sea of records and documents? Want to become paper-light  but need to manage records, documents and data together? Here's a unique, modular solution that doesn't waste your time, effort or money.

If you've ever despaired of actually becoming paper-light - of finding a solution for your records, documents and data management that actually works, is affordable and innovative - then Folding Space PaperLite records & document management will come as a shocking surprise.

Document Management

Folding Space ERDMS (Electronic Records, Documents & Data Management System) provides a complete solution for secure document and records management and, uniquely, incorporates the SUV (Single Unified View) to enable the viewing and presentation of all documents (scanned or digitally created) via a single screen user experience.

So every file or document or data output - whether it was originally scanned, digitally created, an email and its attachments, or report/results output from any database system or similar - can be viewed together simultaneously in one screen.

All documents and data relating to an 'entity' (e.g. Case, Project, Clinical Trial, Patient, Client, Employee, Supplier, Customer, etc) are assigned metadata and held as a complete 'holistic' electronic record.

These records can then be viewed, augmented, printed & exported as necessary by multiple users concurrently. Business rules, system warnings & notifications can also be configured against the documents held in these records (e.g. expiry management, version control).

And as well as finding & viewing documents within a 'record', documents can be viewed individually across records ("show me all documents of Type X"). Source documents are also available for reference and updating within their original format (Word, Excel, scanned image, data report, etc).

Essentially, the ERDMS/SUV provides for record management- the declaration of documents into an immutable format within a defined 'entity' record

Simultaneously, it provides for full document management- version control, expiry management, check-in/check-out lock down for document updating, etc along with the ability to search, retrieve & find across all documents.

Equally, when linked to a Customer LOB (Line of Business system), documents can be accessed automatically within the context of that LOB. So if a specific document was needed 'in situ' within a LOB, that document would be automatically invoked and displayed to the user.

And all records and documents can be seen on screen via the same Single Unified View.

Scanning of all kinds of paperwork plus ingestion of all types of digital documents and electronic files

Extensive user access management; provides the ability to securely manage who sees what content

Store records, documents and data in one secure, central Repository - with every transaction recorded and auditable

Complete record, document and data security ensures system integrity and resilience

Find all records & documents instantly via the unique Search Portal and Single Unified View from any device

An 'every action is audited' approach ensures control & traceability for compliance with all standards and guidelines

Collaborate and share documents instantaneously with your colleagues no matter their location

Manage and control all your digital documents during their complete lifecycle - from creation to disposal

Unlike traditional document or record management systems, the ERDMS/SUV does not require the onerous task of creating file plans; instead we focus upon the metadata and create virtual navigation based upon taxonomies (schemas of record & document classifications, categories and descriptive labelling) to ensure that metadata attributes and associated security is managed consistently throughout the ERDMS/SUV installation.

In summary; the ERDMS/SUV supports complete document & record management in compliance with all national standards & guidelines. Document management includes version control, expiry/retention management and detailed auditing. And the systems administration facilities provide an extensive 'self-service' capability to enable the configuration of system rules, system policies and security permissions.

Our endeavour is to deliver better, faster and cheaper means to present structured & unstructured data as information fast and to present relevance quickly. And thus, our innovative focus on the user experience (Single Unified View) is not just about providing attractive and easy to use interfaces - it is about the fundamental need to present relevance in context as quickly and informatively as possible via the unification of records, documents and data.


Electronic Records, Documents & Data Management with Single Unified View

 Key features

  • Document Management
  • Records Management
  • Scan Management
  • Microsoft Office Plug-ins
  • Comprehensive Auditing
  • Secure Document Access
  • Active Directory integration
  • Single Unified View
  • Web Application - Browser Access
  • Open Schema

 Key benefits

  • View all documents and records via a single screen interface
  • Automatically declare documents as records in an immutable form (PDF/A, TIF)
  • Audit every interaction with a document or record
  • Secure document and record access with AD & LDAP integration
  • Assign document metadata, relate to an entity, form a record
  • Support multiple concurrent access to documents and records
  • Configure business rules, warnings & notifications against documents & records
  • Manage document version control, expiry and retention
  • Search documents and records via a metadata and/or content
  • Invoke documents or records in context through SOAP/REST integration

We have extensive experience in integrating information with other LOB applications; for instance - Local Government Adult & Child Care Systems, various Healthcare PAS (Patient Administration System) and EPR (Electronic Patient Records), Microsoft Active Directory (we have AD and LDAP management technology), LIMS (Pathology Laboratory Information Systems), Financial Systems, Email (we possess extensive MS Exchange interaction technologies) and all manner of databases and data warehouses (e.g. from SQL and Oracle to SAP). 

We also have a complete library of API, Invocation and Rendering Web Services  available to ensure all manner of interfacing, integration and data exchange with other applications. And we have a philosophy of 'open schema' sharing of our database approach with our Customers so that customer IT can collaboratively access and utilise the database themselves.

We also have significant experience in linking with Document Warehouse and 3rd Party scanning services to ensure seamless integration from paper into our ERDMS/SUV. And we have user request technology to better enable customers to achieve 'scan on demand' or 'send me document X' and similar across their organisation.