Don't have the facts at your fingertips? Spend hours figuring out the figures and what they might mean? Hate tables but like charts? Want a real-time, fast solution that doesn't waste your time, effort or money?

If you want to visualize figures into meaningful charts, have instant access to your facts & figures, and monitor exactly what's happening as it happens, then Folding Space dashboards, charting & visualization will instantly ensure you see what you want to see.

Business Intelligence

Folding Space Dashboards, Charting & Visualisation  (DCV) provides instant, real-time data analyses & presentation. It is a powerful reporting tool - enterprise-wide, departmental or Line of Business specific - that allows companies and organisations to gain a better understanding of their operations & performance by putting critical information into the hands of those that need it.

The DCV is a true enterprise reporting tool delivered as a secure web service over an intranet, extranet or the internet to all users who require access. Essentially, wherever there is numeric data to chart and visualize, the DCV enables easy, instant reporting to authorised users across the organisation with security defining what they can (and cannot) see.

The DCV provides a rich user experience from within any standard web browser. Data can be presented from a variety of data sources via direct query as the DCV does not require a data warehouse although these can also be supported.

The DCV in summary:

  • Unlimited data perspectives & reports
  • Extensive data parameter setting
  • Extensive choice of 3D and 2D chart types
  • Facility for multiple data overlays
  • Configurable templates for adjustable X and Y axis to support multiple values
  • Instant unlimited 'N levels' of drilldown from main chart to sub charts (of the same or different chart types) down to a final data table
  • Configurable multi-series reporting, dynamic period by period reporting (e.g. year on year, day by day)
  • Multi-chart dashboards specific to each user with instant drill down or full screen display
  • Instant print and export of charts & reports
  • Customisable email scheduler to automate the distribution of charts to colleagues at any points in time

The DCV in action - using a sales structure to illustrate:

General sales staff can use the DCV to monitor their own performance and to produce their daily and weekly figures. Sales management staff can use DCV to analyse the performance of their teams, products/services and territories, produce reports for their seniors, compare performance over longer periods and year on year

For Middle and Senior Management, the DCV really comes into its own. The DCV, delivered as a web service with its intuitive interface, empowers managers & directors to access the data they require at the click of a button 

They may use it periodically to check on the performance of a particular sales area or business subset or they may set up a dashboard which they can monitor in real time throughout the day, or even be sent e-mail updates via an easy to use in-built scheduler. 

We use the metaphor of a sale structure above as a handy illustration, but the DCV is relevant to a wide range of functions within any organisation.

The DCV derives from the Folding Space mission to develop and deliver innovative technology solutions that provide a Single Unified View of the relevant data and document corpus. And these data/document corpuses can enterprise-wide or at any department, division or application level that the organisation requires. Allied to this, each SUV application - like the DCV - provides a rich user experience through the use of informative 3D and animated effects. All SUV applications are web services based to enable easy deployment, minimal local footprint via the browser, and central system management.


DCV: Dashboards, Charting & Visualisation

Real-time data reporting & presentation