An Agile approach to successful solution delivery necessarily embraces a collaborative working relationship with the Customer where iterative deliverables, user feedback and testing within an open and honest environment are an integral part of the process.

The most critical lesson we have learnt is that a successful implementation depends entirely upon open & honest dialogue within a collaborative, constructive relationship measured by 'fitness for purpose' and active 'user engagement'.


Throughout the whole process leading to 'Go-Live', we monitor, measure and report upon our performance against the identified outcomes directly via regular face-to-face meetings, telephone and online conferencing. Typically, we utilise Prince2 RAID conferences for ongoing project management.

We also provide a dedicated instance of our 24x7 online Project Support Portal for collaborative use by the Customer and Folding Space. This enables detailed, line-by-line monitoring & reporting so issues can be addressed in a timely manner and the Customer can track progress.

Through these means, together, we track & monitor cases, issues and Q/A progress and agree remedial action as appropriate according to an agreed SLA.

Project Communications & Collaboration

As cited, during the pre-Go-Live phase, the iterative & collaborative process between the Customer and Folding Space is facilitated and supported by the provision of an online, secure & dedicated Project Support Portal. This Portal provides a complete environment for customer feedback & communications incorporating an incident logging, triage response and issue/fix monitoring service; effectively, a complete structured, threaded and audited case management system.

This is the customer facing half of the Folding Space Customer Support Portal  which is also used internally by the technicians committed to the project and which is reviewed and authorised by our Technical and QA Management with escalation to the relevant Director.

As the project moves out of deployment & installation (customisation, tailoring, etc) via onsite testing into post-Go-Live operations, the same Portal is used for Task, Issue & Case Management + Technical Support which is available to the customer online (24 x 7).

All our support & maintenance operations are fully ITIL aligned including those for remote maintenance, monitoring and fault finding.

System and software support is provided as standard via regular monitoring of the health of the system in operation and in response to customer feedback received via the Customer Support Portal or via email or telephone. 

Collaboration is at the heart of our Agile approach to both development and ongoing support. And we anticipate responding constructively and swiftly to any changing legislation, statutory guidance, user feedback and identified efficiencies.

As software technologists we are fundamentally committed to 'fitness for purpose' as our guiding measurement of success.

In summary

We genuinely encourage customer feedback and suggestions for system development and improvement.

Typically, this occurs via the Customer Support Portal and Quarterly Service Review Meetings. But we also keep each customer updated with suggestions from other customers to ensure fitness for purpose across our customer base and the open sharing of 'best practice'.

As we work in a collaborative, agile way with all our customers, lessons learnt are quickly identified & embraced.

The most critical lesson we have learnt is that a successful implementation depends entirely upon open & honest dialogue within a collaborative, constructive relationship measured by 'fitness for purpose' and active 'user engagement'.


Software Integration

We have extensive experience in integrating information with other Line of Business systems and applications - from Healthcare Portals, EPR and PAS to A&E, HR and Pathology LIMS - Local Government Social Care and Finance - Central Government Case Management and Expenses Management - Higher & Further Education CRM and Student Data Records - as well as various Email and Financial systems, multiple forms of LDAP like Microsoft Active Directory and all manner of data stores and warehouses (e.g. from SQL and Oracle to SAP). 

We have a complete library of API, Invocation and Rendering Web Services  available to ensure all manner of interfacing, integration and data exchange with other applications.

And we have a philosophy of 'open schema' sharing of our database approach with our Customers so that customer IT can collaboratively access and utilise the database themselves.

We also have significant experience in linking with Document Warehouse & Library systems and 3rd Party scanning bureaux and services to ensure seamless integration from paper into our software solutions like our ERDMS/SUV and DWLMS/RMM.

And we have user request technology to better enable customers to manage their physical assets to better achieve operations like 'scan on demand' or 'send me document X' and similar across their organisation.