Personalised Portal

Secure access per person/organisation to their individual information

Confidential information - like an employee payslip or customer Invoice, and various letters, notices and documents - need to be specific to the individual person/organisation. But when you’re dealing with hundreds or thousands of individuals then effective, secure personalised communications are time-consuming, laborious and expensive. All these issues can be solved effectively and easily with a highly secure Personalised Portal offering a specific access/view per individual of relevant communications and documentation, plus access to any other relevant system (e.g. staff expenses, customer invoices), and personalised Alerts, Bulletin/News and Events/Diaries.

The Personalised Portal software platform was originally developed for a Parliamentary Institution facing a highly sensitive situation with significant security requirements. The need was to communicate sensitive information securely to thousands of authorised individuals but in a personalised setting where each individual could view their information safely on screen. Additionally, there was a parallel need to provide secure online access to other 3rd Party systems as well as present personalised diary/calendar notifications plus news & updates which could be managed directly by authorised staff.

Personalised Portal is now being made available more widely. It is proven in practice, highly secure and its fitness for purpose has been independently vetted at a national, governmental level.

HR/Personnel departments find its features & benefits particularly useful although its core capability – to enable personalised broadcast of messages & information securely to large numbers of users along with feedback facilities and secure access to other systems – is more widely applicable for other departments and applications.

Personalised Portal can be installed in-house as an ‘on-premise’ solution within any organisation’s network or operate as a dedicated hosted or secure cloud solution whichever is most appropriate.

It is very straightforward to install and operate, easy to use with a highly engaging user experience, and provides extensive customer ‘DIY’ content management. Additional facilities such as single sign-on, data/document migration, 3rd Party system invocation, full text search and automated OCR facilities can also be incorporated as plug-in modules or as part of an integrated solution.

Personalised Portal

Providing a secure online resource to thousands of individuals whatever the purpose

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