PaperLite Digitisation

Delivering proven paper scanning, tagging & finding software solutions

With fast, affordable scanning of all kinds of paperwork - and the ingestion of existing (and incoming) digital documents - PaperLite delivers automated, digitised document workflow for any or many departments right through to enterprise-wide records, documents & data processing and management. It is simple to install and operate with a significantly better ROI than any alternative.

From the scanning of all kinds of paperwork and the ingestion of all types of digital documents and electronic files, PaperLite Digitisation delivers document & record management solutions for departments – like Finance, HR/Personnel, IT, Production, Sales & Marketing - right through to enterprise-wide records, documents & data unification and management. 

PaperLite provides instant searching, finding, filtering and reporting plus automated alerting, auditing and monitoring not to mention metadata management and document expiry & version control – everything needed and immediately to hand to enable fast, affordable data, document & record management.

PaperLite was originally developed for the NHS to provide an innovative and more cost effective software solution for scanning, tagging & finding documents faster & easier. And it has proved extremely useful and cost saving in real-life situations, particularly with its ability to successfully handle the scanning of such a wide variety of paper forms, records and documents - many of which are not necessarily in pristine condition.

Equally, the solution is very simple to install and operate as well as being significantly cheaper than any competing alternative without sacrificing quality or performance. And it provides an innovative and engaging user experience – the ‘Big Button’ approach to scanning with automated workflow from scanner into server is very popular, for example. 

Our modular approach enables the easy installation of whatever record or document management application best suits the customer needs. So whatever level of application is most appropriate - from single scanner departmental systems right through to enterprise-wide record & document management - there is an affordable, customisable solution. In parallel, all existing or ‘born digital’ documents generated or received - Excel, PowerPoint, Word, Emails/ Attachments and so on – can also be dealt with and made available on screen alongside the scanned paperwork.

Security settings ensure that only those who are authorized to view a document can see it, and as each interaction with the document is recorded, there is a clear audit trail which records who has viewed the document, when, and the actions that were taken.

PaperLite Digitisation

Managing paperwork and digital documents together simply & securely

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