GDPR Discovery

The What, Why, When, How, Where and Who of personal data discovery

The most practical, secure and automated answer to the GDPR challenge to identify, monitor & report upon the existence, occurrence and processing of personal data irrespective of its location, format or storage  – hidden in source paperwork, digital documents & files, databases, metadata & free text - departmental, multi-departmental or enterprise-wide. Now you can easily scope, investigate, classify, monitor and view in situ automatically any source containing personal data.

Without the fundamental process of ‘discovery’, no organisation can achieve (let alone maintain) GDPR compliance. And this is most particularly true for the effective management of Subject Access Requests. GDPR Discovery provides the automated software means by which instances & occurrences of personal data are identified and presented within all the unstructured data across an organisation.

  • Discovery across servers, storage, drives, directories, file stores & databases
  • Discovery within content of digitised paperwork, digital documents, files and records
  • Discovery within metadata, free text, databases & similar
  • Identification of all instances & occurrences of personal data
  • Definition of who has access to anything containing personal data
  • Powerful systems & security administration functionality for customer self-service
  • Automated continual monitoring & discovery of updated data and files
  • Unique, extensive & automated GDPR personal data ontology and taxonomy
  • Find, investigate, discover, classify and monitor automatically all personal data
  • Automatic personal data classification of all instances & occurrences
  • As-Is discovery - no data, documents, files or records transfer
  • Web browser based user experience is easy, helpful and responsive
  • Powerful ‘google-like’ search & advanced find facilities
  • Users only view the content they are allowed to access
  • Automated dashboard & graphical presentation of discovery results
  • Direct viewing of data, documents, files and records wherever located
  • Modular deployment & installation to best suit individual customer requirements
GDPR Discovery

The fundamental first step for GDPR compliance

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