Document Discovery

Document management made easy by dealing with ‘what is’

Find, Filter, Retrieve, View, Monitor & Manage your documents in situ across your network - without needing to change their location (unless you actually want to). Discovery means knowing everything about all your Documents - across a department or project or division or enterprise-wide. Whatever documents you want to find, retrieve and view – wherever they are stored in whatever file format. And having found them all, to monitor them automatically and manage them easily & effectively.

Document Discovery is an entirely new approach to solving the key issues regarding document identification, monitoring & management across an organisation. And it takes a different stance from traditional document management systems by focusing on working within ‘what is’ – the existing document universe – rather than requiring the organisation to change everything, replace everything, and trying to make end users do what they don’t want to do. It is incredibly easy to install and operate, the user experience is engaging and very easy, and the operational results and return on investment demonstrable very quickly.

Document Discovery provides instant searching, finding, filtering and reporting on any target document universe plus automated alerting, auditing and monitoring not to mention metadata management and document expiry & version control – irrespective of where each document is stored and whatever the document format - Excel, Image Files (Jpeg, PNG, Tiff, etc) PDF, PowerPoint, Word. If it’s stored in any Windows format, we can find it then monitor and manage it automatically.

  • Unique, extensive & automated discovery of files, documents, users across servers, storage, drives, directories, file stores (any network location that stores files)
  • Find, investigate, discover, classify and monitor automatically all documents irrespective of location or format
  • Identification of who has access to each document
  • ‘What-Is’ and ‘As-Is’ discovery - no data, documents, files or records transfer
  • Easy, helpful and responsive web browser based user experience
  • Powerful ‘google-like’ search, find & filter facilities across metadata and/or text content
  • Direct viewing of data, documents, files and records wherever locate
  • Users only view the documents they are allowed to access
  • Automated graphical presentation of discovery results & systems usage
  • Modular deployment & installation to best suit individual customer requirements
  • Powerful systems & security administration functionality for customer self-service
  • Automated continual monitoring & discovery of updated data and files
  • Role based security and user access management provided as standard
Document Discovery

Because if you can find & know everything there is to know about all your documents,
You regain control and can better monitor and manage going forward

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